I’tikhaf Application Process Open

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  1. The I’tikhaf Process for this year is now open. 

‘A’isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) used to observe i’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan (Muslim)

The Aisha Mosque I’tikaf application process has begun. Please download an application form Aisha Mosque itikaff form 2018 or obtain a paper copy from the Masjid office. Please return your application form to the office for the attention of Br Zia or Br Imran no later than Wednesday 30th May 2018. We receive many applications for i’tikaf and due to a lack of facilities we only accept a limited number of brothers. Successful applicants will hear from us by 1st of June   2018, insha Allah.

General Rules:


  • If you have done I’tikaaf for 2 consecutive years you will be put on the standby list and if spaces are available you will granted a place.
  • Due to health and safety reasons the minimum age for applicants is 18
  • No visitors allowed in the I’tikaaf area
  • No group meetings or private study circles allowed
  • Un-Islamic or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • The front row in the prayer hall cannot be reserved
  • You must adhere to a cleaning rota system provided by the Aisha Mosque staff
  • The masjid will not be held responsible for anything lost, stolen or damaged
  • For large programmes and Jummah prayer your allocated area will have to be cleared as the space will be needed for salah
  • The masjid reserves the right to eject any individuals without notice if he is deemed to have broken any of the above rules
  • Application form must be returned with one address ID (utility bill, official letter, no older than 3 months)

 Aisha Mosque itikaff Notice 2018

 Aisha Mosque itikaff form 2018