Prayer Request

Dua is defined as any invocation or prayer addressed to Allah (SWT).Through Dua, we strengthen our faith and our relationship with Allah. We find many reassurances throughout the Quran for those who make Dua. Allah the Exalted, has said: “And your Lord says: Pray unto me: and I will hear your prayer” (Quran 40:60)

Whatever your need, whether for healing for sickness or help with finances, career, or relationships, please give us and our many readers the privilege to pray for you!

279 Prayer Requests

  1. rehab says:

    I have a very good friend. We respect and love each other like sisters.

    From last few months she is treating me in a very strange way. I feel like I am talking to a stranger. I asked her several time she said that she is busy but I don’t think so there is something else. We are not talking to each other from last 2-3 weeks. Usually it never happen that we don’t talk to each other for days. Her name is Mehwish.

    I would like you to please pray for me that all issues would be settled down and we would be the same as we were.

    Meanwhile she is not practicing Muslim, I want you to pray that ALLAH will guide her and she will start praying regularly.


  2. Asim Malik says:

    Salam, May Allah grant all of your prayers, Please help me my mother has cancer, she has had it for 7 years and its come back she is weak and in pain, please make duaa for her full recovery, May Allah help us all, I will in return make duaa for you

  3. B says:

    Please pray for Theodore Gustave Pearson to be healed of pneumonia, heart disease and all disease. Pray that he survive his cath procedure and they be able to place a stint successfully. Pray that he get good news from all doctors exams and tests. Pray that he be protected from complications or infections.

  4. B P says:

    Please pray for Bill Hamm to be healed of rectal cancer. Let them not need to be completely remove his rectum and may he not have to be stuck with a colostomy bag the rest of his life. See him safely through his surgery and protect him from complications and infections.

  5. M Rahim says:

    Salam all, I humbly request all who read this to please make dua for me that I secure a job with ease soon. I have been trying for a long time and am in desperate need of a job to fund me, I also ask if you can pray for my progress in regards to my academic studies as I feel I am going through depression and I am finding everything in my life difficult for some reason at the moment. Please can you all also make dua that Allah swt softens my parents hearts to allow me to marry, as they do not want me to get married until a much later age in life. Please make dua for my family and their happiness too, I beg of you!

    Thank you
    M Rahim

  6. sadia says:


    Can I please ask everyone to make du’a for me as I am struggling in this life. I am struggling to find a full time job, I really need a job so i can provide for my family. Oh Allah please accept my duas, forgive my sins and give me sabr. O Allah forgive the muslim ummah, accept everyone’s duas and let us become closer to you. Ameen!

  7. Hashim says:

    I beg you make Dua my family stays together and earns their respect back and pray that my father haS the motivation to earn all our family money back that we have lost and pay back lots of debts owed please.

  8. Parveen says:

    Plz pray for my family wants to happiness. Plz plz plz all problem wants to solve

  9. Qaria A says:

    Asalamualaikum everyone I’m asking if you all will make dua for me because I have surgery on Thursday 31st march to remove a tumour as I am battling cancer at only 15 years old please make dua that everything goes well and I’m cured inshallah. I will also make dua for all of you jazakallah

  10. B P says:

    Please pray that Migdalia Armenteros has a successful stem cell transplant and engraftment. Protect her eyes, lungs, limbs, liver and other internal organs. Protect her from graft host disease and any other possible complication or infection. Let her be healed of leukemia and all disease.

  11. Maiz Nasir says:

    Assalamualaikum… My name is maiz i m 15 years old … I gave entrance exam in school but i think that my admission in that school is impossible so plz pray for me that my name in that school … Thank you may allah bless you..

  12. Sanahs mum says:

    Salam. My daughter is going through a phase where it seems she’s having stomach cramps. Nothing showed in scans or no medicine is working. Please pray that she gets relief from these pains, as Allah SWT is so Merciful. Please pray for her .


  13. Unknown says:

    Oh allah please help my cousin to get well she has 2 children who is one 3 yr old and one 6 month she has cancer please don’t do this to her young children please Allan brothers and sisters please do duaa ๐Ÿ™

  14. Sagi says:

    My mother name is nasreen akhter she is cancer patient plzz pray for her good health and long life .

  15. Justin Raj says:

    Salam Aleykum everyone, in about a month I find out my college decisions. Please pray for me to get into my top choice university so I can be successful in life and be proud of myself and contribute to the ummah! Jazakallah Khair

  16. Adnan Aijaz Shaikh says:

    Asalamwalikum please pray for my exams that I can complete my whole paper n write correct answes because I get confused while writing paper n write wrong answer so please pray for me. Allah hafiz.

    • Adnan Aijaz Shaikh says:

      Asalamwalikum please pray for my father’s job n regarding his regular salary because he is not getting salary per month n so bank credit is now increased above the limit please pray for him that he should get help from Allah swt.

      • Adnan Aijaz Shaikh says:

        My father is having job problem n not getting proper salary so bank credit had been increased so pray for him so he can get his due amount from his company to repay his debt

  17. Yasmin says:

    please pray for me

  18. Yasmin says:

    Assalam walaikum,
    i request you all to pray for my marraige. I am 25 yrs old. my parents are totally worried of my marriage and my mom is totally upset.I feel this may be due to my past mistakes. I feel totally depressed and even guilty for my mistakes as well as becoming a reason of my parents sadness. I heartly accept my all mistakes and pray to Allah to forgive my sins but my dua has not been accepted yet. I am getting proposals but either they wil reject or we. I am not able to handle it anymore as my parents are fully stressed. I feel depressed. please I request you all to pray for me. please pray that Allah subanahu accept this dua and I get married as soon as possible and my parents would be relieved. please do pray for me. more than me its for my parents. please.

  19. sanam says:


    Please pray for my dad as he is not well he is in ICU we all need prayers for him ,each and every single dua is counted .

    Ya Allah Madad

  20. Natasha Hussain says:

    Please pray for my mother as they found a lump in her breast. it could be cancer, please pray for her results to come clear with no cancer. May Allah bless you all, Ameen

  21. Haziq says:


    Please pray for my success, happiness, love, blessing, fortune, joyful and calmness in this world and hereafter. May Allah granted us with His Jannah. Amin

  22. Sharifa says:

    Please pray for me to get married. I’m 33 years with no hope. I want to get married and have children but time is running out

  23. asma iqbal says:

    please send salaams on SAW, please pray for the ummah, please pray for my family, please pray that Allah forgives me and grants me my needs

  24. Muslim says:

    Please make dua for my parents health. and ask for us to increase our wealth, Knowledge and help us get fulfilled our wishes by Allah and he must grant us happiness throughout our lives and he must grant us jannah and and let my whole family to go to theholy Kaa’ba and help us pray there. Please make dua for our family.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Everyone please pray for my marriage, there are too many hurdles on my way. JazakAllah

  26. Lalarukh says:

    Please pray for my success in upcoming exams. I am really worried. JazakAllah

  27. Arezo says:

    Dear brothers and sisters, I have a small family my husband my little daughter and my self we love each other a lot but right now we are going through very hardship, i am scared of losing my child and my husband, please make prayers for us, i will die without them.. I am very broken i need prayers.. Please make dua for protection of my family pleaseeee

  28. Umar says:

    Requeating dua for my elder brother. His both kidney failed and going for transplant this Wednesday so i request you all to please pray for him. His name is waseem ahmad

  29. Muslim says:

    Please pray for my mom.. She was diagnosed with cancer.
    JazakAllah Khair


    aslam walikum .brothers and sisters.please pray for my Mother save from kidney problem.pls ..

  31. meena says:

    please make dua for my friend he has a lifetime illness please make dua that Allah SWT to cure him or atleast improve his condition. Also please make dua for Allah SWT to forgive his every sin and bless him with prosperity and long life.

  32. Arjuman says:

    Asalamualiakum ..
    I’m Arjuman rahim i want u brothers N sister’s to please pray for my upcoming exams (12th) I’m so worried, i don’t want to hurt my family i need ur Dua So plx pray for me …

  33. Gineen says:

    Please dear brothers and sisters make dua to allah swt for me so that I may break free from the sadness and depression I’ve endured for the most of my life please help me break free from my terribly abusive and mean father and please make dua that Allah swt helps me to be successful in my studies and work inshallah I am trying to grow up and become a better Muslim but I have so much negativity in my life I can’t stand it. Please make dua that Allah swt brings justice to everything that may concern me. Salam.

  34. Muhammad Azhar says:

    Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters! Please kindly pray for me, that I get this job I’ve always wanted – a Lecturer at a local Polytechnic (just did the final interview yesterday). Jazakummullahu khair! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Ayisha says:

    Assalam Alaikum Brothers and sisters. Very very thank you for giving this good advise.

  36. Janine says:

    Please pray for me so that Allah grants me direction and peace. I’ve been searching for direction for some time now and reading Qur’an but I’m lost in how to go from here. I sincerely want to follow the right path and find faith but I don’t even know how to pray. Please pray for me that I will find the right path. Thank you.

  37. Aisha says:

    Salaam Aleikum brothers and sisters. Praise be to Allah SWT.
    Please make dua for my 14 year old son who is struggling with his studies. He is doing his GCSE and is finding it very hard.

  38. yusuf ibrahim says:

    iam a graduate looking for, pray for Allah to make it easy for me.

  39. Shelly says:

    Please make dua for Allah SWT to grant me a child and save my marriage. I am going through a very difficult time emotionally. Please make dua that my marriage is blessed with a child and my husband is not influenced by others who do not have our best interests in their hearts. Ameen

  40. Anthoni Bharani Kumar says:

    Please pray for me that almighty allah remove all my works tensions which iam facing more today,today i have more works tension please pray for me.

  41. Febin Rafi says:

    Ya Allah, Please help me to attend and Pass all of my Theory and Practical Exams in B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering with two years of time.

  42. Please pray for me to be able to afford my upcoming eye surgery in Octuber.

  43. Hasan says:

    hi my brothers and sisters i am hasan and i am 14 i am in a time of great need i am being bullied at school i have too much facial hair for my age anf children provoke and upset my daily i suffer from deep depression due to this pleas i beg you help me do dua that i am protected and that the bullying stops and do dua to remove thia depression and anxiety i have pleas by the name of allah do dua and help me asap i cant take much more

  44. geethu says:

    alhamdullillah,please pray for me .i have no job yet now ..please pray for me…to get job in softwaare testing

  45. salauddin says:

    Asalamu alaikum please dua for me i have interview at thought works company on monday and tuesday 21st sep and 22nd sep please dua for me……… aslamu aliakum๏ปฟ

  46. M.Banu says:

    Please Dua for my marriage will come. By the grace of Allah please help for marriage and dua for my life settled.

  47. Umm Adam says:

    Asalamu alaykum, to whoever is reading this may Allah grant you success in this life and in the hereafter, may he strengthen you and protect you from all evil.
    Could you please make dua for my family and I, we are currently going through a slightly trying time especially financially and health wise. JazakAllah kheyr

  48. Asim Malik says:

    Please pray for my mum, she has cancer recurrence, she is very upset, Its very scary, please pray for her to make a full recovery her name is Shazia Malik, London UK, May Allah also bless you in return!


  49. Nashwa says:

    Dear beloved brothers and sisters, am a university student and I just finished my exams and I HAVE to do very good PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for me I beg of you my muslim brothers and sisters. Pray for me to prosper in my exam results. I am in desperate need for your prayers please remember me in your prayers. May Allah (SAW) protect you and your loved ones and grant all your wishes. Thank you very very much

  50. depressed brother says:

    Although I have degree and good qualifications Alhamdulillah, I do not have a job and I am in desperate need of money and a job. Whoever is reading please do dua that Allah answers the needs of everyone that has posted on this website and grants me rizk and money

  51. Lovey says:

    Assalamu alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu. Please make sincere dua for my friend’s father who passed away recently.May Allah ease his life in grave and give patience and strength to his family to go through this difficult time. May Allah grant him jannah and reunite them in Jannah

  52. A muslim girl says:

    Assalamualaikum brother and sisters… I request you to make a dua for me. My university is delaying with my degree please make a dua i recieve it soon. Also I have another exam with government so I can start working please pray I get into it too… Finally my family is really upset as I cant find a suitable match for me and for that reason I am scared I have to just settle down with anyone feeling I have sacrificed. Please make a dua for me my family is really nice to wait for this long and let me finish my studies I cant just keep them waiting to find right one… for their happiness i am scared I have to compromise.

  53. M-auwal says:

    Assalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters iam in need of ur prayers bcos iam going to write my second entrance exam nxt week in order to cope the point that will grant me admission to my desired course

  54. Waqas says:

    My grand father, Mr. Chand Khan Qureshi (85 years old) is seriously ill from last 4 months. His kidneys are not working fine and he has a very enlarged prostate. His physical condition is also not good. Kindly pray for his Shifa and health.

  55. Afeez Tijani says:

    Salam Alaekum brothers and sisters, I always feel nervous and loosing confidence every time I have my driving lessons, I live in a remote area where I found it difficult to get bus to work, I have done lots of lesson to enable me pass my test but am not that confidence in driving. I need prayer for confidence to pass my test

  56. awaise ahmed says:

    I need 6 credits to enter in 3-1 semester btech. i am getting continous failure from 2 years please make a dua so that i can get success in written exams so i can enter in 3-1sem.
    Duaoon ki guzarish

  57. Fathima Kabeer says:

    Assalamu alaikum, pls do dua for my husband to get job soon.. I’m in financial critical situation.. I’m also pregnant pls dua for safe delivery and my child’s health..

  58. Asraful says:

    I am suffer very bad situation . so please do dua for me .that I recover this problem

  59. H says:

    Please could you make dua for my sister who is applying for dentistry this year, she has worked so hard and I pray that inshallah she is successful, thank you x

  60. Veronika says:

    Please pray for my friends mother. She has cancer in late stage and things don’t look well for her. She is going to have operation these days. So please pray for her to get her power to fight the cancer and for my friend to be strong in this difficult situation.
    Thank you all very much

  61. Mohammed Awaise Ahmed says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Iam a student of btech mechanical .I need 2 credits to enter in 3-1 exams i am getting continous failure from 2 years please make a dua so that i can get success in written exams so i can enter in 3-1
    Duaoon ki guzarish

  62. H says:

    Salam, please pray for my brother who has health problems which have not been diagnosed by the doctors as nothing is showing up with all the tests they are preforming. Please pray to Allah the allmighty to give him a full recovery any others who also have health issues. Ameen.

  63. Mohammad farukh samad shaikh says:

    Assallamwalekum,i beg all brothers n sisters to make dua for my father Abdul samad shaikh n my mother nazora samad shaikh who is having cancer,plz pray for their health.i beg of u plz.

  64. Adewale Monuru says:

    I want you to pray for me and my wife. God should forgive us and bless us with child i believe in God and i know he will surely answer my prayer

  65. Zahra says:

    i desperately want to get married .
    I am 30 years old female . please pray for me , i like someone but having issues in getting married as his parents were not agreeing and delaying and now the boy has gone abroad from job , and he went to runaway from the situations .
    I want u to pray for my marriage and if you know any expecting mother please ask her to pray for me aswell as at that time they are more close and beloved to ALLAH and ALLAH listens more if they pray at that time . Please pray that ALLAH makes my naseeb with him and my parents accept me happily .

  66. habiba says:

    my sis today has did breast biospy plz make dua for her dat report will be in positive response

  67. Umama says:

    I have my Alevels result on 11 August .. I am in desperate need of straight As to maintain my scholarship and continue with my studie.
    I am my parents pride, their future and they wish for me to become a doctor. I want to fulfil all their wishes. Please pray for me that may Allah grant me success and grades I desire and need. I will pray for u as well. Thank u

  68. Hauwa says:

    Asalamaaliakum my brother and sisters please pray for my dad so that he gets his promotion this year so that he will be able to pay for me and my siblings college and schools.

  69. Amjad khan says:

    My sister had a heart surgery please pray for her fast recovery – jazak allah khair

  70. Assalam malaikum my dear muslim brothers and sisters. I have converted myself from hinduism to Islam before two years. Since coming to the fold of ALLAH my whole life has been transformed for HE is leading me on the right path.Please do dua for me for getting a new job asa a TEA PLANTATION MANAGER , as the present job is not suitable for Muslims.Please pray for me and I am sure that ALLAH will surely fufill my need.

  71. Fouzia sultana says:

    Please pray for me to pass my nursing school … Please pray to Allah … I only have 4 subject left . Please …. My graduation is on May … Please pray for me

  72. B says:

    Please pray for Marilyn Martha Hamm-Pearson, that she be completely healed. See her safely through her surgery without complications or infections. Keep her healthy and alive, free of pain and let her be able to walk again.

  73. Ayesha says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Please pray for me all of you. Almost two years ago a bad incident that my mind can not get rest from occurred. I have been trying to settle this matter. Please pray that Allah the merciful grant justice for me as soon as possible.

  74. NUSSRAT says:

    Asalaam o Alaikum ! Please I request everyone for my mother who died on RAMADHAN 21ST…She died of paralysis..Please Please request everyone to ppray for her as we are going through tough time and iam not yet marrried

  75. Mahnoor says:

    i want to make a prayer for my result of matric bise GRW plz pray for me that i get 900+ marks because i just don’t want to disappoint my parents and my teacher thankyou so much for making this pryaer for me #Allhamduillah

    • arkham says:

      May Allah fullfill ua deeds…oso remembr me in ua prayers, I too hav d same prob regarding gettin a medical seat:-(

  76. Jihan says:

    My husband, Hussein, was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread to the liver and he is not even thirty years old yet. We are also expecting our first child next month. This has been the most challenging time in our lives. He is the best person I know with the biggest heart. He is selfless, has endless love for family and friends, and I can honestly say he is the most amazing individual I have ever known. He is my life, and I would like to request prayers for him so that Allah can grant him the health he needs to fight this, get cured from this, and live a full life full of more love. Please I hope Allah will give Hussein the opportunity to bless our son and teach our son the same amazing qualities Hussein possesses. Our families, friends, and obviously ourselves have been praying but we need all the positive support and prayer we can get.

  77. sister l says:

    Salam.plz pray for me. I’m a revert Im 26. Before Ramadan. I had lot Scarry stuff happen I’m Alone revert with my family I’m so scared . Can’t sleep before ramadan . Had to sleep on floor downstairs I can’t go out have bad thought.I want be my old self plz Allah and forgive me and help me help my family and other. This dunya and hereafter, plz pray my fear go. And that . Find a husband I met someone but don’. Want har. Plz.pray I b married and not alone someone who help,wod my struggle . Wish my mother b muslim

  78. S says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Please make du’a that all the misunderstandings & ill feelings between me & the man I love with all my heart are removed from between us. Everybody’s du’as will be greatly appreciated, may Allah bless u all…

    Thanx for reading

  79. Maria says:

    I have a disease which can cause face disfigurement. I am really worried and scared. Please pray that Allah give me cure. I have been going to doctors for last two months but it’s gotten worse. I know Allah is merciful. I really feel that I need loads and loads of prayers.

  80. Sista in need says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,brother & sistas, pls pray for me and ma orphaned friend for a good mariage this year, tank u

  81. Maisha Hussain says:

    Assalamualikum,I hope that everyone is having a very blessed Ramadan insha’Allah! I am making this specific prayers request because I am continually very scared and stressed for my GCSE results which come out this August. I really want to do well insha’Allah in order to get into this really good school I want to go to. If I fail I won’t get in and I don’t want to disappoint my parents who have also but in so much money and efforts for my education. I’ve always had the dream of becoming a dentist insha’Allah and to help people all over the world, if I get bad grades now, that will never be possible. I’m scared if I fail, what will I do? I’ve had my heart set on this dream for so long that I do not know how I will cope. I pray that Allah helps me insha’Allah and which is why I ask as many people as possible to make dua for my results, especially in this blessed month. It will mean a lot!

    Jazzkalla kheir.
    Maisha (16 yrs)

  82. Musa says:

    pls, I need a prayer for Allah to grant me blessed & rigtheous children. Have married & I been praying for that since last year. I also need prayer for increase in sustainance & knowledge. God bless

  83. Sister says:

    As salamu alaikumu,
    May Allah (SWT) accept our ibadah in this holy month of Ramadan and may he ease the affairs of the entire Muslim ummah all round the globe . brothers and sisters I need prayers and advice as its something very which is completing half of my Deen(marriage) my grandparents and parents wants me to marry someone and wallahi I don’t love him actually I accepted him because of the respect I have for them thinking I will later love him now we are getting to two years and the feelings are still the same.I’m so confused I don’t want to destroy the relationship between the two families and the same time I’m putting myself into a lifetime problem. But Allah knows best.please don’t forget me and those in need in your prayers may Allah make it easy for us.Amin

  84. Zahra says:

    Collective dua mein bauhat taaqat hoti ha
    Mujhe aap sb ki duaon ki zarurat . pls mere liye dua karen
    Need Prayers for my marriage
    Salam I am 30 years old and not married yet . I am interested in marrying a boy but having issues as his family not being convinced . Just want you to pray for my problem . I reallu want to settle down with this boy with the will and happiness of his family . Thanks ALLAH Hafiz

  85. Sarah says:

    Salam brothers and sisters, please make dua for me I applied for a JOB pray for me that i get this JOB

  86. awaise ahmed says:

    I need 6 credits to enter in 3-1 exams i am getting continous failure from 2 years please make a dua so that i can get success in written exams so i can enter in 3-1

    Duaoon ki guzarish

  87. Sister says:

    Asalam alaykum Please make post anon. Please make Dua for me that Allah takes away all my bad attitude/habits/manners and makes me better person, make Dua for me that Allah fixes my broken relationship and that Allah continues to comfort the heart of my partners family as they’ve just lost their dad. Please make Dua for Allah’s mercy on me. May Allah grant all your duas as you do so Jazak’Allah khayr.

  88. Saljal says:

    Asalamualaikum. Ramadhan mubarak to all. Please include my mum and grandmother Khairul in your duas. They are both very sick. As is a family friend Azba who is going through breast cancer. Please also pray for brother Bahram collecting every penny to buy a house for his aged mother and unmarried elder sister. Please also pray for another friend/brother Mojtaba who has returned to drugs and violence and abuses me even as I stand by him. He had lied to me about marrying me & I had loved him truly but I accepted it as Allahs will that we could not marry, Allah knows best.I still care about him and hate to see somebody not appreciating the blessing of life and health. Lastly please pray I meet whoever Allah has destined to me as my husband. It is a very long list of duas but I do believe Allah will answer somebodys dua for somebody this ramadhan. All we can do is ask. Jazakallah khayran.

  89. Sharaaz says:


    Blessed be the name of Allah swt the most excellent.

    Peace and blessings rain upon Muhammad saw and hes family children and companions.

    Ya Allah swt accept our duas in this blessed holy month. Ameen.

    Please make dua I become financially independant.

    Always in my dua everyone insha allah.

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Peace and blessings upon Muhammad s.a.w

  90. Serii says:

    Asalaam u Alaykum.

    Please make dua for me so i can conceive quickly again ( insha Allah). I have been married 5 years and have only been able to conceive once which ended in a miscarriage. i feel the only way for me to get over the miscarriage is to conceive again.

    Jazak Allah

  91. Sarah says:

    Salam brothers and sisters.
    I’m in great pain at this time my husband is a revert and we had our nikah three months ago .. Since then we got on very well up until two weeks ago when he packed his bags and left , I am very upset and want him back ., please make dua for me , for him to return home and be happy again .. For me to become a better person in my religion for me to be a good wife to him. For me to be a better person for Allah swt


  92. awaise ahmed says:


    My name is Awaise ahmed.I have been struggling with exam issues for past 2 years. I request you to please pray so that i can get success in exams. Please also pray for my family.

  93. Sister S says:

    Assalamu Alaikum, Please sisters and brothers pray for me. I’m pregnant, I went to the hospital because i started bleeding. They did an ultrasound scan and only say a sac no activity, they don’t know if it’s because it’s too early to see or there just is no baby. They want to wait two weeks and repeat the scan. Please pray for me That my baby is there and healthy and I deliver safely. Ameen. Jazakum Allah in advance.

  94. Daariya Mohammed Ali says:

    Asalam Alikum . Please everybody pray for me . I have failed in one of my subjects(chemistry paper 3).I never expected this to happen .I have given my paper for revaluation ., please pray that i pass at least with 36 passing marks .This was suppose to be my final year and i have already given entrance exam for my M.Sc.If GOD FORBID I dont pass i will ahve to wait for 1 year …All my other friends have passed with border line 36. PLEASE DO PRAY FOR ME …ALLAH WILL BLESS U SURELY IN THIS WORLD AND HEREAFTER.PLEASE REMEMBER ME IN YOUR PRAYERS. Iam very much distressed.

  95. Sister N says:

    I am suffering from two chronic diseases. I have done too many sins in my life.when I get very sick It reminds me of my sins and I want to change myself and to live in the way of Allah.but for some reason I don’t do that,please pray for me so that I can come back to the way of Allah.

  96. Sister V says:

    Please can you pray for me brothers and sister… My husband has recently divorced me .. As i was fading away i was having family problems that causes me to ignor him not do my wife duties and become a horrible person.. I pray that Allah forgives me and gives me another chance with my husband to be the best wife for him.. And pray that Allah guides us both to strengthen us in our deen…. I am also pregnant and i am finding it extremely hard to cope

  97. Burhan says:

    I would request you to make a dua for my Father, Rasheed. As he is not feeling well and doctors are not very sure about the disease as of now, they have asked for biopsy and other tests, I would request you to make a dua and let everyone from your community pray for him. We just want go to save him from any illness and he gets recover soon. I am from Kashmir..

  98. Ashwin says:

    My 8 month old baby son Rudra is having severe stomach infection. Please pray to God to cure him and make him healthy.

  99. Zulekha says:

    Please please please prey for me I am currently at college now taking a course that I do not like doing I wish to get into business in September inshallah I do please pray for me . For the past 8 months my life has been hell I hate it soo much I feel like dropping out of the course becasue it’s ruining everything and making my life such a misery please pray for me please I don’t know what to do i know that I want to do business in September but I don’t know what to do for now e.g. The course I am doing now I completely hate it from the bottom of my heart I used to be interested in it but now I am not. I wish that I get into Btec business level 2 inshallah it would make my life soo much better and I wish everything gets better inshallah because I don’t want to think that I don’t wanna wake up every morning because of this

  100. Arshad says:

    Assalamuakaikum brother and sisters,my name is Arshad.I m in very my trouble because of financial problem and debt of 3 lack rupees on way to repay it please pray for me to Allah for making ways for me and my family. Allah hafiz

  101. glenna says:

    pray for me please that i will be put back onto my course, and hopefully this september i will be entering my second year at pca. i really need this and to complete my ba at pca, i really need a strong prayer for this. I can do it, my life hasn’t been perfect but this can create something great for my life in the future. thank you

  102. Inna says:

    Please pray for my husband.For over 7 years he was not able to bring any income to our family (we have 2 kids). I was supporting him all this time but now after redundancy my income is gone as well. We have 2-3 months of savings left and no prospective for improvement.Only pray.Please …only for him and my kids please I am so scared we have no help from anywhere just Allah

  103. mahbubur rahman says:

    Dear Brother & sister,
    Assalaam Alaikum, Please pray for me i am in abroad from last seven years,in sven years onely struggling.please every one pray for me for my dream come true that i can go back my country.

  104. Aj says:

    Salaam alaykum. Please pray for me. I am struggling in my iman with having hope in Allah’s plan because since I converted to Islam I am having so many trials in my life. I pray for my husband to live with me and have children with me and help support me. please pray for me all the time I am crying. Everything feels too hard for me to take anymore.

  105. Rebecca says:

    Please please pray for a miracle for Rebecca, she is a single momwho is sick with Lupus with nobody to help, childs father wont help, no family and needs desperately needs a car for doctors appointments and her childs needs. Thank you

  106. Nizam says:

    Salam. Please pray for my success on everything that I have on my mind right now. I desperately need them all to survive. Thank you very much.

  107. mustapha umar Muhammad says:

    Assalamu Alaikum my name is Mustapha i
    am appearing in my exam please pray for me so i
    pass the exam i really need prayers of you people
    and i believe your prayer would be very helpful for
    my exam please pray for me

  108. Brian says:

    Please pray for complete healing for Juana Migdalia Armenteros-Merrero. Let her be freed of hives and all itching , burning, pain and discomfort. Let her only get good news from all doctors exams and tests. Grant her a completely clean bill of health, peace of mind and joy.

  109. Mohamad Haziq Amaluddin Bin Mohamad Azhar says:


    Dear fellow brothers and sisters,

    I need your assistance for the prayers. Please pray for me so that my universities applications for September intake
    will be accepted and pray for me also so that the barakah and fortunate will be continuously for the rest of my life.
    May Allah rewards all of you. Keep me in your prayers. Amen

  110. SALMA says:


  111. Surayya says:

    salamu alaykum. I have dropped out of university 2 times. Now i am studying in an online university and i don`t want to drop out. Please help me with dua to ALLAH to make me concentrate in my studies and study harder so that i will not fail any course and complete the program. Also i want to lose weight. Your du`a is needed

  112. Niima says:

    pray for me I get a job at ministry of internal affairs uganda this year.

  113. sanni says:

    Salamaleikun,may the blessings of Allah be on you all.I want everyone to help pray for me.I have not been observing my ritual prayer accordingly but working on serious reason than the vices of this world.also my finances aint stable and am owning people.please pray for me and advice on what step to there will be trouble if l don’t pay someone this week.

  114. Mustafa Ajmal says:

    Everyone please pray for my mother she is in critical condition in london and I am in lahore.Please pray for her, i cannot lose her, Im only a teenager.Please pray for her health and well being.

  115. Dua says:

    Hello brothers and sisters. I have a very serious legal issue that happened a couple months ago and I have been so depressed and hopeless ever since. A lot can go wrong because of this. Please, I beg you all, pray for me and help me through this time in the hopes of it resolving peacefully and positively. May Allah grant all your wishes and prayers. Thank you

  116. aroma says:

    Please make dua for my mother she is at her last stage of cancer..please Allah save her..Ameen

  117. Fatima says:

    Assalamuallaikum brothers and sisters. I am having financial difficulties and housing issues. I have a 10yr old daughter who is unwel due to our living condition and me and my husband are also unwell. Please pray for us to get our 3 bedroom house in our ideal location. Jazakalaah

  118. Sara says:

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters
    With all my heart and soul I request you strongly and helplessly to make Dua for my brother and for Allah set to guide him onto the straight path and stop him from the sins he is being lead towards. PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SINCERE DUA FOR HIM and ask allah to accept my dues


  119. a brother says:

    please make dua that i am able to pay off my debts very soon and Allah rescues me from poverty, also that Allah makes my studying easy for me and helps me pass my exams. And that everyone duas from this website are answered. jazakAllah

  120. mohammad says:

    Please pray for me to get promotion

  121. Ghazalah says:

    Please do duaa for my sisters family. There has been some trouble with the police and we would like to protect her family. Please do duaa that they all stay safe.

  122. s says:

    Aslam Alaykum, Dear Brothers & Sister, Please make dua for me. As I am passing through the most difficult and crucial time of my life. There is no turning point. There is no chance to make it OKey. Only Allah SWT can make my things OKey. I am constant making Dua to him. I know I am sinful person. May Allah have mercy upon me, forgive my sins & May Allah make my my difficulties easy with his wish. Ameen

  123. Fatima Sabri says:


    I have been going through a difficult patch for a number of years. Please pray that my situation is rectified and Allah accepts my dua.

  124. Sid says:

    This is a du’aa request. Please pray for my grandmother she has been admitted to hospital and is extremely ill. May Allah make it easy for her

  125. Khalid Arif Siddiqui says:

    Dear Muslim brothers & sisters, please pray for my brother in law Zia who is suffering from Giloblastoma (GBM)and is being treated at Vancouver. thanks Jazak Allah

  126. joe says:

    suffering from low white platelets in body so please pray for me

  127. victor says: me from the debt…it is going beyond my head…Only allah can save me from this financial problem…Allah…help me…please.please..please

  128. sadef anwar says:

    Assalam alaikum

    My father has got severe brain hemorrhage he is in ICU his health is deteriorating kindly make dua for his recovery.

  129. shannon says:

    Please pray for me, I want to revert to Islam insha’allah. Please pray for me that I find Allah, my family, my friends and also the ones who backbite me do too. I am Christian but I want to revert to Islam however my family wont accept me, so please pray for me that I keep strength. Please pray for me because I want to learn how to control my anger, but most of all please pray to Allah to thank him to guiding me towards him.

  130. farha kausar says:

    Assalamualaikum Meri nani icu me admit hai unka naam kamrun nisa hai pls unke lye dua kar ye plsssss

  131. zahida says:

    asalaam alaykum,i kindly request my msulim brothers and sisters to pray for me I have financial problems that cause alot of misery in my life.I always pray to Allah for help and i hope you pray for me too inshallah.

  132. Zia says:

    Assalamulaikum!!! my would be is suffering from brain hemorrage… Doctors say her brain has become weak and cannot be operated, she has only max 1 year left… I love her very much.. I have complete faith in Allah SWT. I have been praying for her good health… I have read one hadith which says all diseases has their cure.. Please join in your hands and strengthen my prayer. Please help your brother by praying for his fiancee…

    Shall be grateful.

    Jazakhallahu khair….

  133. Mohammed says:

    ุงูŽู„ุณูŽู‘ู„ูŽุงู…ู ุนูŽู„ูŽูŠู’ูƒูู…ู’ ูˆูŽุฑูŽุญู’ู…ูŽุฉู ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ูˆูŽุจูŽุฑูŽูƒูŽุง ุชูู‡ู
    Dear brother and sisters,

    Kindly Dua for my better half Chinnu.
    She is not feeling well these day’s.

    ุฌุฒุงูƒ ุงู„ู„ู‡ู ุฎูŠุฑู‹ุง

  134. Jackie says:

    Please send a prayer for healing for my mother, Lilia. She’s been seen by a pathologist who says the lump in her breast is 99.9% malignant. She’ll be having a biopsy and other further procedures in a couple weeks. Please pray for her that whatever she has to undergo, all proceeds smoothly and positively. Please pray that she can enjoy her retirement years. Thank you so much!!

  135. loze says:

    Please make dua, cause my mum is drinking alcohol everyday and making problems in our home. She have stomach problem and high blood pressure but still drinking. She even want to fight and make problem with my sisters and father. They are really suffering. Thank you

  136. Auwal says:

    Assalamu alaikum i kindly request for your dua that iam going to write my university entrance exam this week pls pray for me to cope my course cut-off mark

  137. Brian says:

    Please pray for Ted Pearson, that he get only good news from his Catscan and any other tests. May God strengthen him and turn his health around for the better. May he be completely healed and only get good results from all doctors exams and tests.

  138. Brian says:

    Please pray for Migdalia Armenteros. Let her only get good news from all doctors exams and tests. Let her be healed and freed from pain and discomfort. Let her have a clean bill of health and peace of mind.

  139. Brian says:

    Please pray for Ted Pearson, that he have a successful surgery without complications or infections. Let him be completely healed and free of pain and discomfort.

  140. zainab says:

    i need prayer to get out of problems

  141. Brian says:

    Please Pray for Ted Pearson. That his surgery is successful and have no complications. Let him be completely healed and pain free. Keep him alive, happy and healthy.

  142. monsur says:

    Salam Aleykum my dad, mum, brother & sister in islam; please I want you to pray for me ( I need a good job to sustain nd succeed in my live). I am a gradute pls

  143. AYSHA says:


  144. Refai says:

    Assalaam Alaikum, Please pray for me. I recently came to a Foreign Country for work and I am a victim of Hostile work environment. The person whom I am being replaced, have been sabotaging my work and back biting and back stabbing me. Because of this I am not able to concentrate in work and family and Problems keep coming between me and my Wife. I keep shouting at my Son for trivial things. Please pray that Allah the most gracious and powerfull guide me and help me.

  145. Shaibaz Ahmed says:

    Assalaam alaykum all Muslim Brother’s and Sister’s request you all to pray for my Father(Akhtar Ahmed) health. May Allah bless all of us and accept our prayer’s Aameen.

  146. Rehana says:

    Salam please pray for me im going through a rough time in my marriage my husband stopped caring and loving me. He stopped taking my responsiblitys and i just cry everyday ruining my health please pray for me

    Jazak Allah

  147. Saamia says:

    My dear brothers and sisters please pray for me that my heart becomes stronger and a certain thing if it will be give me pateince and things become clear.. May Allah swt bless you all

  148. Jamil says:

    Dear Brother & sister,
    Please pray for me, that Allah forgive my all sins, wrong doing, and Allah accept my apology , and pleased with me , and protect me and my family and all Muslim Ummah from Haram Rizk ,and wealth and wrong doing , and make us healthy and wealthy , and obedient .

  149. Fariyal Rahman says:

    Please pray for my son, who is suffering from depression and cannot concentrate for his cbse class10 exams.

  150. nadim shaikh says:

    Thank you for those all who have prayed for me your prayers are answered my gm found his certificate at his home. It was a miracle. All ah Hu Akbar. Thanks nadir

  151. Aisha says:

    As saalam Aleikun Waramotulahi Wabarakatu. Dear My fellow Muslim please help me to pray for my husband to have a breakthrough in life so that he will be able to take care of his responsibilities

    • Aisha Adebayo says:

      Assalam aleikun waramotulahi wabarakatu please my brother and sisters in islam I still need your prayer in respect of my husband please continue to pray for him.

  152. nadim shaikh says:

    Pray for me one important document of my gm is missing and gm believes he gave it to me I am in too pressure. Only Allah can get me out of this. Please pray very strongly. Thanks nadim

  153. zandile says:

    My fiance and I need jobs, please pray for us to get jobs soon, before we loose our house please….

  154. Imteyaz says:

    Assalam Alaikum. I am going through extreme anxiety. Please make dua that Allah grants me peace and also solves all the problems which are causing the anxiety.

  155. Salma says:

    Dear brethren in islam please pray for me to be blessed with a good married life as im going through tough time regarding this. may Allah bless our ummah with abundant blessings..

  156. Momo says:

    AslaamAlaykum. I am deaf and 31 years old. I am suffering from depression and sad. I always worry about in future. I am very scared of being alone in future. My heart has got weaken and weaken. I can’t live without my mother. Please dua for me to become confident, strong heart, strong faith in Allah, healthy and happiness. I really want to get married.

  157. Khalisa says:

    Please pray for my Dad he has cancer and doctors aren’t giving him much time? Please can everyone say a prayer for him Inshallah Allah will listen to these prayers ameen . Thank you so much.

  158. Lula says:

    Please ya Muslimeen, i’m sooooooo desperately in need of duas. PLEASE, don’t ignore my cries, i’m in deep trouble and I don’t know what to know what to do. I’m SO scared. Please make duas for me. May Allah give me health and forgive my sins. May Allah reward you for your duas.

  159. Nayla Farooq says:

    Please pray for me gt second theory test on Friday I need too pass for family plz help allah I no ibhve mde mistakes plz plz pray 4 me

  160. Khen Salik says:

    assalamu alaykum brother and sister pls pray for me to pass the board exam

  161. Sayida says:

    please make duaa for me! I want to be an entrepreneur rich individual to get out of poverty an get out of debt. have my own business I’m tired of working for other people I want to be my own boss I pray for knowledge and that Allah help me succeed with everything I need and want in life Ameen!!

  162. Alhassan Rakia says:

    I am a young lady who has married for the past three years and have not been able to conceive .I have gone to so many hospitals for treatment but the results is always the same.Please dear Muslims in Iman I need your prayers .Remember me in your dua.

  163. Siddick says:

    Please pray that I get out of my loneliness and chronic depression

  164. summi says:

    please pray for my husband’s good health and please tell me what dua’s should i recite for him … thanks

  165. Lula says:

    Salaam my brothers and sister in Islam,

    Now my health is very questionable and i’m struggling, I turned to Allah, I always ask forgiveness and I need more dua’s. I’m asking dua’s, may Allah give me health and forgive my sins. I would greatly appreciate if you add me into your prayers. Please send dua’s on my way and may Allah give you ajar for the dua’s and reward you.

    Much Love

  166. Rukayat says:

    Please pray for me, have sinned so much and i cant even forgive myself, i dnt know if Allah wil forgive me. Please i dont Allah to leave me, i feel so much guilt. Please i need prayers for forgivness and for Allah to open the right way for me

  167. Please pray. Its mental illness or sehr magic I don’t know. Please pray for me please

  168. Yusuf says:

    Suffering from illness. Please pray that I recover.

  169. Fauwaz says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Our beloved khala (Aunt) Begum Ismat Zaheer passed away moments ago in Karachi, Pakistan. Our humble request is to make dua for her after Jumma tomorrow.


  170. wasim says:

    pls pray for me ,from past 7 months i was searching for a job ,atlast i cleared in one company ,i submitted my documents and was waiting for joining,now those company ppl msgd saying ur skills dosent match the profile.2marw im going to tlk to them ,pls pls pls pls pray for me .INSHA ALLAH ,if ALLAH wishes everything will be fine. ameen summa ameen

  171. amin says:


  172. Qaali says:

    Assalumu alaykum I’m sponsoring visa for my husband pls make dua for me that Allah swt makes it easy for me and accepts my dua Jazakah’llah

  173. zaynab santos says:

    Bismillahi Ar-rahmaneer Ar-raheem.
    I ask for your brothers and sisters to please pray for me to be free from all my financial difficulties. May Allah ta’ala grant me His favor of granting me His blessing to repay those whom have trusted me with their financial wealth. I wanted to be free from all financial obligations and be able to live a peaceful and normal Islam way of life again. May this intention bring me goodness and to those who have shared their blessings to me.
    May Allah maintain me in His Light and guide me always towards the Straight Path.
    I pray for the prayers of all my brothers and sisters in Islam all over the world. In those who are in health problems, in pain, in great difficulties and in whatever trials we are all facing. Ameen…

  174. yusuf Ibrahim says:

    I have just finished my final year examination and I will to graduate with best result, secondly am highly indebted, please help me pray to get out of this debts.

  175. sister says:

    Please dua for my sister’s mother in law.her heart works only 30 prcnt and 4 heart pipe are blocked. Allah may give all muslim’s shifa e kamila & aajila Ameen!

  176. JASMINE says:


  177. nadia says:

    Assallaamu alaykum
    Dear brothers and sisters i ask that you make sincere dua for me as my heart is very heavy as my life has taken an extremely bad year,my request is rather big firstly please make dua that the almighty has mercy on my parents and make their lives easy Insha’Allah,to keep my children safe and Guide them into humble muslims boys Insha’Allah,that the Almighty helps my sister find her way back,and give her the gidayah to over come her drug addiction Insha’Allah ,grant my husband wealth and health and an easy life Insha’Allah,unite me and my husband again fill our hearts with with love and compation again unite us and keep us close at hearts,for my husband to not stray and not seek relaitions outside our marraige but just from me as a wife ,remind him of the good in me and my love for him for the sake of Allah Insha’Allah.That the Almighty will soften our hearts and strengthen our ibadah and keep us safe.have mercy for me in my time of difficulties and ease my heartache,bring the nur back into my marraige and safeguard us from all evil.Insha’Allah may the almighty have mercy on our brothers and sisters who are suffering,orphans,homeless,old and young for our brothers and sisters in gaza iran iraq to strengthen and uplift all who is been oppressed Insha’Allah. May the Almighty shower his blessings upon one and all Insha’Allah Ameen
    Wa’alaykumoes Sallaam

  178. Daanish Arefin says:

    Please pray to ALLAH for me and my wife Tibah. We are in various familial problems and facing tough times. Allah can save us from all disasters. We have threats on our life and unable to move legally as we are poor enough for the processes. But I know Allah can solve all our problems in minutes. So,it is a request to you all for prayer/dua for us. Dua can change life. Thanking you all.

  179. Jordan Vira says:

    We are on the verge of losing everything!! So please aggressively pray for me and my family for a financial breakthrough, which will enable us to meet and satisfy our pressing obligations(rent, food & utilities). Thank you

    -Jordan Vira
    -Eleanor Vira
    -Kyle Jones
    -Kylen Vira
    -Kayden Vira

  180. Ali Idd says:

    I have two huge debts that have crippled me.

    I broke up with my wife after we could not get on well. Now she wants to go to court so that she gets more money from me for upkeep of the child. She claims I don’t give enough money. This will cause problems for me cause of my debts.
    My job I do is not related to what I studied and I have no passion for it. My boss always sees me as a threat to his position because he realized I know much than him. He really wants me out of this place. This is depriving me of peace.
    I have applied for relevant jobs elsewhere but I have not been successful.

    Please pray for because this is too much problems.

  181. Nabeeha Mohamed says:

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    I am writing to you with sadness filled in my heart and tears in my eyes. I have no words how to describe how I feel. I really want you to make dua for two people in my life. First is my mother who is suffering from Cancer. She is all I have now, I lost my Dad 2 years ago. Please pray for her that her cancer disappears. Second is a person I know. But the doctors gave him a deadline. He did not tell me what is his disease or how long did the doctors predict he will survive. He is very close to Allah SWT MashaAllah and he is not afraid of dying and returning to Him. He only 22 years old, the youngest in his family. I urge you to please pray for him.. Pray for a miracle that whatever is he fighting, it goes away. please pray that Allah SWT takes away his disease and miraculously cures him. I believe in miracles because I have seen! Please pray for him. It would mean the world. He has done nothing but good to people. He loves his parents very much MashaAllah! Please we need enough prayers !!

  182. sb says:

    Please make dua for me

  183. safina says:

    iam making duaa for u inshallah

  184. Nosheen says:

    I have my driving test tomorrow morning, please pray for me, that I pass. Thankyou

  185. ali sadikin bin rochmaditoyo mukti wibowo says:

    assallammu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.i need du’a from moslem brotherhood.i hope my family will be bless from allah to have a child and also prosperity,healthy,safe in secure,my family intact and always in safe in secure by Allah.

  186. Nazim Iqbal says:

    Asalamoalaikum. My mother, Shafqat Parvez has Stage IV cancer. She is not on any treatment and doctors feel she won’t recover due to infections and tumors and fluid build up. My mom is very disoriented because of the fluids and constantly wakes up and prays to God to heal her. Her body is in pain but she still gets up every few min to ask Allah for help to heal her. Please pray for her.

  187. anonymous says:

    Asalamualaikum brothers and sisters , I am doing my mock gcse and I am really worried . Please pray I come first

  188. saniye says:

    Please make dua for me that Allah SWT accepts my duas May Allah reward you in this world an hereafter with Jannatul-Ferdous Amin

  189. Khadija says:

    Requesting dua for me and my family for Allah’s divine favour, success and blessing. Grant our heart desires and make our dreams come true.

  190. Corey says:

    Please pray for me for success in my work life. My coworkers have ulterior motives of a kind you simply would not believe if you knew them. They want me to leave my Islam . Please pray for me. I am in anguish truly and deeply need your prayer support for me to escape their persecution and to greatly strengthen my Islam as well as to overcome my deep depression.

  191. Akorede Junaid says:

    I want people to like me, to finish school and get a good job.

  192. Areka says:

    Asalam Alikom,
    Please keep me and my family in your prayers. We are always in financial distress, and as a college student, I also stress too much about my grades. Thank you brothers and sister.

  193. faluk says:

    Yeah Allah answer all their duas giving them what will benefit them on earth and in the hereafter.

  194. jalila says:

    Please me dua for me to get a pious husband and a halal job.

  195. Khizaar Khan says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. Brothers and Sisters I am asking that you offer Duโ€™a for me as I will offer it for you. This has been the toughest year of my life.I had been looking for the desired job.Kindly make dua to get it within a week.

  196. absarashfaq says:

    requesting for dua of my grand son he is mentaly sick pleasremember him in ur 5 times prayers as the whole family is very upset

  197. Zarmeen says:

    Please pray for me. I have been facing many difficulties lately. My heart feels heavy with worry. If you could take a little time out of your day and send me a little prayer to Allah I will be most grateful. I pray that all your prayers come true too and may you have courage and faith to overcome difficulties during your trouble

  198. Rehab says:

    Assalam O Alikum
    I am PhD student in Italy. I am facing few difficulties. My proposal result would be on 3rd November, I want it to pass it. Second I want to go as visiting researcher to UK and I am facing few difficulties.

    Please pray for me.


  199. Abu Aminah says:

    Please prayer for my wife, who is suffering from depression and wants to divorce me and take my kids a different town because she’s been influenced by a bad crowd. I really, desperate need your prayers as I’m very close to breaking down after suffering several years of mental abuse by her, but don’t want to lose her or my kids because my kids are ill too. Please pray that The Almighty gives her hidayah. Please. Jazak Allah…

  200. ErMaer says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. I’m a 23 old unversity student. I pray to Allah (swt) everyday to keep my faith and will strong.

    Please pray for me brothers and sisters. May Allah grant you all mercy.

  201. Latifah says:

    As salaam alaikum, brothers and sisters I am asking that you offer Du’a for me as I will offer it for you. This has been the toughest year of my life. I lost my home, car, and am currently having medical issues. I am struggling to get back on my feet. I am asking for prayers to give me strength and stability.

  202. Abu Abdullah says:

    Ease ask the community to pray for my new born son who is diagnosed to have a genetic disease.

  203. Amir says:


  204. Khizaar Khan says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. My dear Brothers & Sisters, I ask you in the name of Allah (swt) please do dua for me to get the best suitable job within this week and also to forgive my past sins.

  205. A says:

    Pray to Allah and tell him that I beg for forgiveness for my sins. I feel like I have sinned so much lately. ๐Ÿ™ pray for my depression & my suicidal thoughts. I’m broken inside. I have no one there for me and I’m always treated very poorly. I feel lonely and lost. I don’t feel worth it. Because of my depression I’ve lost all my interests in life. I just really need someone to come along that can heal me. Make me feel worth it and feel loved. Makes me laugh when I’m down and who will never give up on me. Someone I trust . Pray for my relationship with my mother, we are drifting apart. Pray for my family who are always fighting & pray for my cousin who can’t walk. Ask Allah to give her strength . Oh Allah, help those that are in need. Those that can’t afford any food to consume or fresh drinking water. Those that are dying. Give them strength. Give strength to those who are in severe depression. I know how it feels to feel so empty inside . Pray for my severe anxiety to vanish. Pray that my family will have good health, including my mother who is constantly sick. Protect my family and friends.

  206. Gulnaz Begum says:

    My husband(Mr.HILAL)met with an lorry accident & his left leg was badly injured , and now he has been hospitalized and he is under treatment. rather than individual prayer I would like to request you to conduct one group prayer so that it will surely help him to recover as soon as possible. Please consider my request for prayer.

    Mrs. Gulnaz Begum Hilal

  207. Mohamed salim says:

    Assalamu alaikum dear Muslim brothers and sisters please do dua for my father he has suffered from low sugar and low blood pressure and he is in unconscious stage while doing tawaf in haram shareef for that he is in ICU so pls make SPL dua in jummah namaaz for my father to complete his umrah and Hajj well and come back to our native safe

  208. Anesa says:

    I just failed my driver’s road test today! I’m actually in tears! I was wondering would someone please pray for me! I really would like to get my driver’s license and I was wondering if you could continue to pray for me that I get it next time I go to the DMV! Thank you all for helping me out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  209. Ghazala says:

    Asalamoalikum …. Please pray for me for good health & happiness..

  210. Hidayah says:

    Please pray for me yo get married as soon as possible to a man I love and to a msn who will love me the way I deserve to be loved but please I need this as soon as possible mire so pray for me that we get lovely children who will love Allah and us and follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed SAW. More so I also need prayers for a good job that is halal, well paying and can let me practice my religion.

  211. Azeez Adam says:

    Salam.Please pray for me about my school for me to graduate so i can go for my youth service by next year …..and pray for all muslim brothers and sisters in islam.

  212. I need a prayer for a good grade. I just finish my exam, I need success

  213. ahmed says:

    can you pray for me for a good health.

  214. A sister says:

    Dear brothers and sisters please pray for my brother after 17 years he has found a good job after many struggles in life but it is clashing with his course which he would graduate from this year as the timings are the dame

  215. faruk shaikh says:

    Dear brother n sisters of islam plz pray for my father abdul samad n choti ami nazora Shaikh.

  216. JABO007 says:

    Have a good Eid day!!!

  217. JABO007 says:

    I pray that everybody has a good day on Eid

  218. Mohd faruk says:


  219. Mohd faruk says:


  220. pray foe me that i can pass all the subject at university

  221. Salma says:

    Please pray for me as there are many complications regarding my marriage. May Allah lighten the burden in the hearts of all the brothers n sisters…

  222. Khan says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. My dear brothers & sisters, I ask you in the name of Allah (swt) please do dua for my friend’s mother who is severely not well, currently in a critical condition in hospital. Allah (swt) will hear someone somewhere. Wherever you are, close your eyes and plead from the bottom of your heart to give her mother shifa and a cure from this illness Ameen

  223. Syed says:

    Assalamualaikum respected Brothers and Sisters,

    I am sending out this special request to kindly make Dua for me. I have been separated from my wife and 20-month old baby for almost 4 months now. I donโ€™t want the marriage to end since I love my wife very much. Please kindly keep me in your prayers so that Allah SWT may end the separation and I can be reunited with my family soon inshaAllah.

    I also wish you all the best for the upcoming Ramadan. I pray that we will all be able to benefit from the gracious rewards during Ramadan and that we will all be able to endure through the long hours of fasting.

    JazakAllah Khairun

  224. zummer ahmad says:

    my name is zummer ahmad i am a 19 yearold college student i got depression and anxiety disorder i had many extreme anxitey aatcks in the past it felt like i almost had an heart attackk please can you make dua for my depression and anxiety to go away and i will do the same you can mention my name in the post thank you very much

  225. Adrinil Santra says:

    I pray to Allah to forgive me for my sins I have committed and for which i am suffering physically a lot.
    i have gastritis,hyperacidity,uninary tract infection,epididimytis and many other symptoms like nausea going on. I had consulted 2 doctors and also have undergone blood test and urine test. Many medicines are charged,but I am not getting cured.
    O benevolent Allah,please cure me.
    I want to be a healthy man and resume my work soon.

  226. janifa says:

    please dua for me finding difficult to find the righteous spouse.

  227. Sophia says:

    Please make dua for me as I am taking very important examinations next week to determine my entrance into university. JZK.

  228. Khan says:

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. My dear brothers & sisters, I ask you in the name of Allah (swt) please do duaa for my friend’s mother who is really not well, currently in a critical condition in hospital. Wherever you are, plead from the bottom of your heart to do dua for her mother Jazak Allah khayr

  229. Harry Craft says:

    For Edgar Craft, my father, who will have a heart procedure on the 10th of June; that it may be successful, that he may fully recover, and that he may have many years of health afterwards.

  230. Tyreese says:

    Please pray for me over my finances and overall life as things have been going quite bad of late.

  231. fahluk says:

    Asalam alaikum…
    Am going through a difficult time since november when i lost a job.its quite hard and difficult for me especially that i need to provide for them.

    I Pray to Allah 2 forgive me and increase my riziq and earnings.
    MAy all the dua of bros and sisters here be answered.
    May Peace b upon the prophet Muhamad SAW.

  232. Deena says:

    Assalamu Alaikom warahmatu Allahi wa barakatuhu,

    Please make a dua for my mother-in-law, she is a faithful Muslim woman whom is a blessing to everyone she meets; we love her so much. The doctor has said something is wrong with her liver, but will not know what is wrong until they do more tests. Please join us in prayers to Allah that He will bless our mother with a full recovery and that good health will be completely restored to her. As always we honor Allah’s will and we are very hopeful that He will answer our prayers.

    Baraka Allahu fika, Jazaka Allahu Khairan

  233. Lizzie says:

    Healing of heart and mind. To have trust and faith in God.

  234. A mothers dua says:

    Assalamo alaykum, first and foremost please do dua for peace especially what is going on in Syria. Secondly I am a mother of mashallah 2 beautiful daughters and i am now expecting my 3rd child please do dua that allah subhana tallah blesses me with a boy. Ameen

  235. Zarina says:

    please I ask for brothers and sisters to pray for my son who is hearing and seeing bad things. Pray for him that Allah bring him to normal and he can start his job again or he must allow us to take him for treatment which he refuses. He can’t sleep most of the nights, he is suffering a lot with these things.

  236. Fatma says:

    Salaam brothers n sisters in islam. I pray for you all inshallah duas will b answered. Plz can u make dua for me i have driving test tomoro i have failed 5 times. Its costing alot n v stressfull. It would help alot due to circumstances in home esp for parents too. Plz jazzakallah ul khair ahmeen.

  237. Hassan says:

    I’ve worked hard for my company and just because of this they don’t let me promote and go to the better department. please pray for me to resolve this disastrous situation.

  238. Muaz Qureshi says:

    Assalam o Alaikum. My name is Muaz Qureshi And i am from Pakistan. My grandmother is very ill. She is in critical condition. Please pray to ALLAH(SWT) for her health. I shall be very thankful to you. Please pray for her and IN SHA ALLAH , ALLAH(SWT) will give you reward.

  239. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Dear Brothers,

    I would request to all brothers to pray for me, I am out of job from over two years, there is no source of income. Please pray for me so I an get a good job and feed my family.
    Jazak Allah

  240. Nadia says:

    I request you to pray for my parents that they should always be happy and forgive them for any wrong things. they should accept me and my choice without any sadness, they should always love me and be with me.

  241. Karen says:

    Please pray for me to be able to afford my upcoming surgery in June. I urgently need money in the thousands and it’s depressing cuz I don’t know where I’m gonna find such big sums of money in two months as I’m just a uni student. Please pray that Allah answers my prayer.

  242. sana says:

    Assalamo of woman do something done wrong,bad magic and bad evil work .please remove that power full bad magic&bad first dirty women spoil my parents life and my life.please stop that dirty women.

    • Mariah says:

      It is so true that we are allowed to plan and try our very best to make it hapepn but we should never forget that whatever it is, god has plan everything for us. So, just SMILE and be HAPPY.

  243. alina wadood says:

    hello i am alina wadood from pakistan on 11april i am appearing in my exam please pray for me so i pass the exam i really need prayers of you people and i believe your prayer would be very helpful for my exam please pray for me

  244. A sister says:

    Asalamu alaikum, I’m really struggling with my final year of studies. I find it hard to focus my attention on my work as I get distracted easily. Please make du’a that I can stay focused and study effectively, so that I can save time to do other acts of ibadah instead of having to work on a task for a long time that can be done quickly. JazakAllahu khair

  245. haider farouk khan says:

    salaam plz make a duaa for me that my interview with me and my wife with the immigration officers goes successfully to stay together in the uk as husband and wife jazaakla heir

  246. a mother says:

    Assalamalaikum, a request for dwas for my son, he has many learning, physical and developmental difficulties which affect him on a daily basis. Further he now faces emotional struggles after his father has abandoned us. Please pray that Allah grants my son both ease and success in this world and the hereafter. Jazak Allah khair.

    • Zarina says:

      Allah help this mother with her son to see the bright side, you gave her a son and please help him. Remove all the burdens he has that he may be healed with your power. Ameen.

  247. Abdulkadir Tahir says:

    I wish to be prayed for, for Allah to remove poverty out of my life and bless me with abundant financial resources and wealth, that will not stop me from/in worshiping Allah. Ameen.

  248. Kalai says:

    my name is kalai. i have completed my graduation in 2008. still i am looking for a job. and also my health is not supporting me. my liver function is weak please pray to God for me to give good health and a job . so that i
    can make my dream true.

  249. sana says:

    Assalamo aliy kum.please Allah forgive me and my sins.I have done many mistake and many sins in my past and hurt people and my parents.please forgive me.
    please open my block roads &happiness&peace.
    Please save me from danger and help me from cross road decision.
    Please Allah mercy & blessing.

  250. cruz says:

    Muslim brothers and sisters please pray for me. I am facing immigration difficulties. The places I worked refused to pay my wages because I couldn’t produce my documents.All my documents is in the home office, am awaiting decision for years now. Life has been difficult for me.No work, no money.

  251. Kawtar says:

    Please make dua for me , i suffer from depression.

  252. wasey abdul says:

    Assalamualaikum, my name is wasey abdul, my grandpa passed away yesterday, can you please make dua for him his name was Abdul Aleem.

  253. ibrahim says:

    please do dua for me the sins that ive comitted in the past

  254. akash says:

    People my aunt is in a very serious condition rather very critical. She’s sufferd internal brain bleeding. The vein that carries oxygen to brain had burst and the blood is not reaching the brain. She had given birth to a baby boy 2 days back. She has not yet seen her baby not has the baby felt her warmth . She is just 24 and didn’t even face the world yet . It’s her anniversary next month. 2nd yr.
    The doctor says there’s the possibility for a miracle.
    I want u all to please pray. .
    Please for the baby. I want allah’s dua and blessing on her and the child

    • Sara Sharif says:

      I have prayed for your aunt. This is an older post, and I hope that Allah SWT has blessed her already in recovery in shaa allah. If she has recovered, know that it was Allah’s Will. In the case of her recovery, may Allah SWT continue to provide her with health.

  255. Serene says:

    I am having my final exams going on, please pray that my exams go well and I may pass with good marks.

  256. SHABNAM says:

    Please pray for me. I want to become a good gynecologist(doctor) so that i can serve humanity.

  257. SHABNAM says:

    i want to become a good gynecologist(doctor) so that i can serve humanity.

  258. A. Usman says:

    Everyone kindly pray for me to pass my driving test as soon in my next driving test with the grace of Allah and to always be safe on road. I am already very tensed because I have already failed two tests. Failing a test spends a lot of time and money and also causes stress and tension. Please Allah please pass me in my next driving test tomorrow please.

  259. Request from a Sister says:

    Please make dua for me. I had committed a’lot of sins in the past and now I have turned to Allah SWT for forgiveness. It’s been a year that I lost a friend through death and I accepted whatever Allah SWT does, does for the best and began to have so much faith in Allah that I could feel that love for him in my heart. But recently I don’t feel right and I keep getting these bad thoughts which I don’t believe in and I feel like it overtakes me sometimes. I want to feel what I felt before because right now I feel so lost and depressed.I don’t want to lose Allah, I always want to be close to him. Please please please make dua for me to Allah SWT to guide me and protect me from shaytaan and evil.

    • zaynab santos says:

      Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims and believe firmly in Allah ta’ala alone as the One and only God. It is human nature to commit mistakes, but the best thing about it is embracing the fact that you have sinned and turn yourself to Allah for repentance. He is the All Merciful. As my spiritual adviser tell me always, perform salatul istighfar (prayer of forgiveness consisting of 2 rakats) and by heart pray for forgiveness. Say in the morning and night the following: 100x SubhanaaAllahi Bihamdihi, 100x La ilaha Ilallah wa dahu la Shareeka la lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa ala kulli Shay in Qadeer, 100x Astaghfirullah wa Atooboo Ilahyi.

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