UKIM Youth Walsall is an energetic and innovative youth organisation. UKIM Youth aims to equip young Muslims with the tools necessary to be productive and valued members of society. Our main development areas are Deen (Islam), Education, Life Skills and Community Development. Some of our activities include: Weekly Study Circles, Weekend Sports Activities, Annual Residential, Fund Raising Events, Public Awareness Projects, Night Programmes and Community Outings.

Our Monthly Plan can be found here

Our Vision is to develop youth who can actively contribute to the ongoing development of the Muslim community, thereby benefiting the wider society.

Our objectives

To develop young Muslims that have:

  • Taqwa (God consciousness)
  • Good character
  • Firm knowledge of Islam
  • Desire for learning
  • A wide range of skills

To develop strong community links by working collectively with other organizations with the purpose of performing good works for the sake of Allah (swt). 

Weekly Activities include:

  • UKIM Youth Brothers – Every Fridays 7pm (Downstairs Hall)
  • UKIM Youth Sisters – Every Fridays 7pm (Upstairs Hall)
  • Brothers Saturday UKIM Sports (Meet at the mosque at 7pm*)
  • Sisters Youth Club – Every Sundays 2pm (enjoy sports, arts and crafts)
  • PortaCabin Project (Closed due to construction work)

* Times may vary during the year

For more information contact or 01922602982